A Rainy Day

Today, at a work retreat, they assigned us with homework: 30 minutes of self care. The instructions were simple, the task sweet.

It started raining yesterday, and it hasn’t stopped. Around me, everything has been unfolding with gentle beauty. I came down with a hefty cough and leaking nose and spent the weekend not at church or biking or cleaning, but still. My weeknight plans were postponed. I developed a simple routine– read, tissue, wash my hands, sleep or tv show, repeat. I brewed up homey concoctions but my cough did not get the hint that its departure was overdue. And so I’ve been waiting, watching my pea shoots in the garden twirl their petite hands upwards, in a final gesture towards the heavens.

Sometimes life stops us in this way. And I think the assignment stays. Slow. Notice this world. Love on the precious person you are.

So with a cold as my guest, and with Christy at an important gathering for her faith community, we pause this week from our regular episodes and posts to slow down and take care, in the quiet and in the complexity. And we hope you will too.

Instead, I point you towards this delicious one-pot coconut curry noodle bowl by Food by Maria. I subbed out butternut squash for a good ol’ potato, breathed in the onion as it browned in the coconut oil, and scooped a spoonful of cilantro on top. My cold seemed satisfied, even glanced towards the door. Homework for tonight: complete.

We will be back next week with our upcoming episode. Until then, wishing you good health in all the ways.

— Chloe